Tuesday, 24 May 2011

3 Ways To Remove Red Wine Stain From Your Carpet

Spilling red wine on your carpet is one of your worst nightmares. Over every other type of fluid to spill, red wine shows up the most. There are a few ways to tackle the problem, though, but you'll have to be quick.

Whichever cleaning method you decide to try, the first step is to mop up the surplus wine with a fresh cloth or kitchen towel as soon as possible. This is important: DO NOT RUB as this may cause the wine to soak into the carpet fibres, and will make the whole cleaning process harder. Carefully blot with the towel to remove as much wine fluid as possible, Keep using a clean towel, and blot again, until there is no more wine to extract. This will help reduce the stain.

If you can not clean the spillage right away, scatter some salt on the carpet when it is wet. The salt will also help to absorb some of the wine on the surface of the carpet. Once the stain dries, the salt can be cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner before the thorough cleaning treatment can be started.

As with any commercial cleaning solution, it is always prudent to test it on an obscure part of the carpet before using it to clean the spillage. Different carpets are made of different fibres, dyes and various manufacturing techniques, which can lead to varying results. The last thing you want is to make the stain worse by bleaching your carpet!

Use a sponge to apply a small quantity of odourless baking soda. Then mix a small amount of washing-up liquid. Just place a small amount of washing-up liquid in a clean bowl or sink. Add tepid water until the soap and water mixture has diluted fully. Use a clean cloth to dab the concoction of detergent on what remains of the stain.

Alternatively, a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent glycerin can be used to make the task easier. For most carpets, this should remove the spillage completely. However, if the stain remains, try applying a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.

Purchased retail solutions

Many oxygen bleach sprays for cleaning carpets are very effective in removing wine stains from most types of carpet.

Seek specialist cleaning

If you are concerned about cleaning the carpet yourself, you may prefer to call in carpet cleaning experts who will be happy to remove the stain for you.